20131007_190838Body Matrixx offers a custom tailored program designed with your workplace in mind. Upon request, we will send one of our highly qualified professionals to meet with management to determine the exact needs of your company. The Corporate Program is one of the most beneficial and convenient plans we offer. This program is designed to increase an overall optimal level of health and wellness as well as workplace functioning. It is a great way to create a high level of accountability. With a motto of: “Group Session, Group Effort!”, no more excuses with regard to hitting the gym after work. Body Matrixx will bring the gym to you. Your staff will have lots of fun and see amazing results. Corporate workout sessions build not only strength and greater health, but also decrease healthcare costs and sick days, build teamwork, and increase overall health. To schedule your consultation, please contact Jewrell Marktoevis, President of Body Matrixx, LLC at (757) 286-1307.PhotoGrid_1399642859427


Do you want one-on-one fitness training? Do you need a fitness coach to help you reach your overall goals? Do you need help deciding which foods will help you burn the most fat and calories?  Do you want to increase your endurance, strengthen and condition, increase your speed and endurance, achieve weight gain or weight loss, or reach your next level? The training possibilities are absolutely endless! Body Matrixx can get you there… safely and successfully. We offer free consultations to assess your fitness needs, so contact us and get started today!


Our Family Program is a great way for the whole family to get into shape and create accountability for the entire household. Family workout sessions are not only fun, but it creates quality family time and teaches teamwork. A happy family is a healthy family. At rates you can afford, achieve your goals together!


There is a rapidly growing problem with today’s youth and childhood obesity. The Early Childhood Fitness (ECF) Program has been specifically designed to create awareness for parents and children about health and wellness among our youth. In our ECF Program, children are carefully guided and instructed on different levels of form and exercise techniques. Body Matrixx CAN and WILL successfully equip your kid(s) with the most advanced techniques and exercise skills! As parents and caretakers of our youth, I am sure we can all agree how difficult it is to see our children overweight. Although it may be difficult, it’s not too late to reverse the process! At Body Matrixx, it is our belief that if we encourage our youth at an early age to develop healthy alternatives and proper exercise regimens, they will have the tools they need to live a healthier and more productive life. The key to the SUCCESS of healthy living is to simply DEVELOP one’s mind to do so. Our children are truly the future. Together, let us help to guide them in the right direction.

BOOT CAMPphotogrid20140421_174954

The Body Matrixx Boot Camp is the structured program you have been searching for! It is designed to motivate and push you to achieve a much higher level of fitness and training. This program is ideal for weight loss and the development of fitness skills that will increase endurance and confidence. Boot Camp is a 4-day-per-week training = 16 sessions per month. ONLY $100 per month!


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