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20140421_181057A visit to the gym can be downright intimidating, especially when you’re unsure how to reach your health and fitness goals. Which machines will give you the best results? How do you even use those machines correctly? Cardio vs. weightlifting? And it’s not always convenient to find someone for help.

Body Matrixx says, “NO MORE”! Reaching your health and fitness goals should not only be simple, but fun! Join a friendly and welcoming environment where you feel welcomed… and important. At Body Matrixx, we all want to improve the way we live and help each other to maximize our diet and exercise habits. The truth of the matter is no one can do it alone, so if encouragement and motivation is what you seek, Body Matrtixx is the place you want to be!


196619_173294266055961_100001261656931_445729_1622809_nThere have been a ton of advertisements in recent years promoting innovative tools to aid your mission to be fit. Workout facilities are packed with fancy devices that target specific body areas. And let’s face it–the choices can be a bit overwhelming. Body Matrixx understands that these machines and contraptions are preferred by some clientele, so don’t worry… We do have them in stock. But we also believe that there is no more useful tool during exercise than your own body!

Our highly skilled professionals offer customized programs designed with YOU in mind. Each muscle-targeted exercise during boot camps and personal training sessions consist of movements on a floor mat, with nothing more than your own body (and maybe an exercise ball or hand weight). The key to these innovative programs is that clients can continue their exercise programs wherever they may be– at home, in a hotel, or even another fitness facility! And they can be confident of their workout without investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in confusing workout equipment. Don’t get hung up by fancy advertisements for gadgets you don’t need… Let Body Matrixx get you in shape the old fashioned way!


PhotoGrid_1399641455316At Body Matrixx, we work hard to make sure you’ll never feel like a number… OTHER THAN NUMBER ONE! Our staff takes a personal investment in each client and addresses you by name so you’ll always feel right at home. Personal training sessions are fully customized to cater to individual needs and boot camp sessions are kept small to maximize personal attention. We believe that the fastest way to reach your health and fitness goals is to be held accountable during training… No more hiding behind a machine or sneaking into the back of a group workout! We want you to maximize your potential as much as you do and have done everything we can to make you feel special.

But we haven’t cut corners when it comes to our gym; our state-of-the art machinery and prime location keeps us competitive with franchised fitness facilities. We also implement a scrutinous process when hiring new trainers to ensure that only the best of the best will be working for you. Body Matrixx knows that there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a gym, and we take great care to tend to our customers’ needs. So no matter how we may grow and develop over the years, we stand by our motto: “Our specialty is YOU!”

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