Kick your fitness goals into high gear by joining one of our daily boot camps! Offered multiple times a day, find the class that best fits your workout level and the time frame that best fits your busy schedule. Engage in engaging exercises such as dynamic stretching, interval training, weightlifting, cardiovascular efficiency, strength improvement, etc. (also inquire about our nutrition plans!) Experience the power and excitement of group training and challenge your muscles for maximum results!

Our personal trainers are also available for one-on-one sessions, allowing for a fully customized workout routine and diet plan to best fit your ambitions. Experts in the fields of exercise prescription and instruction, our staff motivates clients by setting goals and providing immediate feedback during workouts. Your strengths and weaknesses will be measured with fitness assessments, which will be regularly updated as you progress. At Body Matrixx, trainers not only educate clients on the proper way to exercise, but enlighten them on other factors of wellness such as general health and nutrition. They are also cognizant of clients with medical conditions and will work hard to ensure the overall safety and health of each participant.


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