Welcome to Body Matrixx, LLC!

Commit To Be Fit!

Body Matrixx is a fitness center based in Virginia Beach, VA, fully equipped with supplies and experienced personal trainers to fit a variety of needs. It prides itself on “providing the right results at the right price”.

Body Matrixx was founded in 2006 by Jewrell Marktoevis, who began developing a passion for health and fitness at the age of 14. Set out on a mission to inspire, encourage, motivate and support those desiring a healthful lifestyle, the fitness center promotes a persistent mentality and works with clientele at their own pace. At Body Matrixx, the ultimate goal is to provide a relaxed environment in which people with varying needs can work together to reach their goals. Trainers do not emphasis weight loss or quick-fix dieting, but a full lifestyle evolution so clients see results and MAINTAIN them. Personalized eating plans are coupled with fun, intense workout sessions to serve as a foundation for a new outlook on life.


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